Western Australia is Australia’s largest state, covering well over 2.5 million square kilometres (1.5 million square miles). Within this vast expanse lies unbelievable natural wonder, friendly wildlife and rolling hills blanketed in vines. Many of these beautiful destinations lie just hours from the capital of Perth.


Embrace the best of both worlds in Perth, where soft-sand beaches and scenic parks meet a thriving metropolis of small bars, creative restaurants and curated street art.

Perth is known for its sunshine, natural beauty and relaxed pace. Travellers can explore parks and beaches in this beautiful city. Sunsets are particularly beautiful from the beaches. There are also trendy bars across the city which are great for an evening out. Travellers can also visit Australia’s best-preserved 19th-century port streetscape in Fremantle and enjoy Indian Ocean seafood and craft beers. Discover Rottnest Island by bike, boat or on foot. Swim from perfect white beaches, snorkel with tropical fish and get up close to a cute quokka.

Nature and urban life exist in harmony in Perth, on Australia’s west coast. Here, where the locals soak up more sunny days than in any other Australian capital city, travellers have the option to visit nearby islands, walk through leafy parks and experience vineyards, Aboriginal art, food and history. For travellers wishing to experience the local culture, they can wander the nearby city of Fremantle’s winding portside streets, Perth city centre’s museum and gallery precinct or peel back the layers of this urban landscape with an Aboriginal guide

Perth’s buzzy boutiques and sunny beaches will draw in travellers, but eerie rock formations and furry island animals will have them leaving the city behind. For those who enjoy natural views, wildlife, wine and windswept coastline all await outside of Perth. As Australia’s largest state, Western Australia is home to a diverse range of landscapes, wildlife and culinary experiences. Travellers can head north to discover dramatic red coastline and fringing coral reef or set their sights to the south for exquisite wine and kangaroo-covered beaches. There’s an exciting experience calling no matter which direction they turn.



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